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Mindful walking.

Walking is a great, low-impact exercise. Mindful walking brings awareness and intention to your stroll that helps your body and mind. Bring a bit of mindfulness to your next walk by trying any of the following:

Quiz: Take five to give your sleep habits a check-up.

Take a few minutes to see how your habits might be affecting your sleep. When you understand your challenges, you can work with your MOBE® Guide on the best ways to overcome them.

5 tips for achieving your goals.

Process-focused goals break the big prize down into achievable, measurable actions.

Katy's story: support without judgement

See how Katy went from living with back pain to exercising, thriving, and understanding the big picture about her health. Thanks to her relationship with her MOBE Guide, Katy knows that she's in control of her health journey.

From grief to growth: Tina’s story.

Grief-stricken after her younger brother’s sudden passing, Tina started stress eating, leading to several health problems. Watch as she shares how she found a much-needed support system in her MOBE® Guide—and a new, positive perspective on life.

The Blue Zone Food Guidelines

There are places in the world where people are found to live healthier, happier, longer lives. And their diet plays a huge role in that. Distilled from more than 150 dietary surveys, these simple guidelines reflect how the world’s longest-living people have eaten for most of their lives.

Quiz: How Blue Zone is your grocery list?

People in five pockets of the world—known as Blue Zones—live decades longer than the rest of us. Yes, decades! See how closely your food habits match theirs.

3 simple rules for healthier eating.

It isn’t just about what’s on your plate, but how you eat it. Dan Buettner, a best-selling author and National Geographic Fellow, has some healthy eating tips from his research on the Blue Zones.

Is there a best time of day to work out?

You may be just starting a new workout plan or questioning if switching up your routine would give you better results. Either way, there is a lot of back and forth in the athletic and scientific community around the best time of day to work out, and it may all come down to what your goals are. So, when is the best time? Spoiler alert: whichever time works for you to do it consistently.

Patient’s guide to a more effective doctor visit

Most patients feel that time crunch that comes with doctor visits—as soon as the physician walks through the exam room door, the imaginary stopwatch begins. This highlights the need to be as efficient as possible in addressing your needs, getting your questions answered, and communicating important health info like medication side effects or making sure your medications are still working or needed. Here are five strategies for making your next visit more effective...

One size doesn’t fit all

It’s important to pay attention to how you’re feeling on your medication. Learn more about side effects and medication in this short video.

Making medications work for you

Complement to healthy behavior (sleep, diet, exercise), examples of how lifestyle can reduce the amount of med needed, improving CV health with exercise, stress reduction, sleep improvement, tips for beneficial behaviors (adding a vegetable to a meal, walking on lunch break, scheduling 8 hours for sleep), ask your doctor about getting the most out of the medication at the next visit

Noteworthy news: ways to get better sleep.

We’ve reached the end of Better Sleep Month, and here are some studies and ideas that caught our eye. We’d love to hear what you think of them.

Colleen's story: "This is about me healing me."

Colleen was taking painkillers every day when she heard about MOBE. MOBE helped her find the focus she needed to take charge of her health and healing.

Matthew’s story: “A gold nugget every day.”

Getting back to his old self will take time, because Matthew's body doesn't work as quickly as his mind wants it to. But he doesn't have to do it alone.

Rich’s story: a different kind of success.

With the help of his MOBE Guide, Rich was empowered to research his medications and have a discussion with his doctors about why he was taking them.

Raine’s Story

When Raine made that first call to Elle, her MOBE Guide, she heard something she’d never heard before: “It’s gonna be just you and me,” Elle told her.”

5 reasons to feel good about today.

No matter where you are in your health journey, we want you to remember these five reasons to feel good about today.

5 surprising ways to reach your goals

Reaching your goals can be difficult, especially if you’ve been trying the same methods over and over. Try something new this year by learning new ways to approach goal setting. Here are some ideas to try…

How storytelling is engaging minds and transforming lives

Stories aren’t just for Oscar-winning movies or best-selling novels. They’ve been at the heart of human communication from the beginning. Before Snapchat, email, or snail mail, our survival depended on remembering the stories told around the community fire. And now, researchers are discovering that storytelling can be transformative for personal health.

6 science-backed ways to start a healthier habit

Behavior scientists have made exciting discoveries in recent decades about how we can help ourselves build the habits we desire. It isn’t “one-size-fits-all,” and different techniques work for different challenges. But research supports that habit change resides inside your mind. And that experimenting with techniques like these are where to begin...

Why we need stress awareness month.

The first step to dealing with stress is knowing what causes it. It’s not the same for everyone, and it might not be as obvious as you think.

Let’s talk about: the way you think affects how you feel.

The way you think affects how you feel. What does that even mean, and how does the mind-body connection affect overall health and wellness?

May is better sleep month

May is Better Sleep Month, and it’s worth taking the time to thoughtfully consider and recognize any opportunities you have to simply get better sleep.

This is your body on sleep: amazing.

The human body does a significant amount of work every day just to function, heal and protect itself. And it doesn’t stop when we go to sleep.

Terry’s story: “Self-care is now a way of life.”

Terry was on painkillers and taking care of everyone but herself, but with the help of MOBE she learned to make self-care a way of life.

Jeff’s story: “I’m in such a better place now.”

Even after the first call with Molly, his MOBE Guide, Jeff wasn't sure what the program could do for him. But by the second call, he was ‘hooked’.

What do people say about the MOBE journey?

We asked past MOBE participants about their experience and they all arrived at the same conclusion: MOBE works.

Healing from the Inside Out: Beth’s Story.

Beth shared how MOBE taught her a new way to think about healing and inspired her to share that lesson with others.

Quiz: assess your stress.

Stress affects us in different ways. You may feel agitated, tense, or unfocused. Or you may show signs without even realizing it. See what role stress plays in your life.

“MOBE pulls everything together” — Sue’s story in her own words.

MOBE helps people struggling with the ups, downs and confusion of health issues. We had the privilege of hearing from one of our participants at a recent MOBE event. Sue shared her story and her search for answers and relief.

Have you ever wondered about the wonder of modern drugs?

Have you ever wondered how you can swallow different pills meant for different things and they can all do their job? Prescriptions. Over-the-counter medicines. Dietary supplements. Botanicals. They all have their jobs–and they often do them well. But how do they know where to go? Let’s walk through the end to end process of how drugs get into your body and get to the site that needs them.

Stretching exercises for hands and wrists.

It’s time for your three-minute office break and stress deactivator. Stretch your hands and wrists to counteract all the repetitive movements that cause tightness. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your chair.

Dietary supplements: Do you really need them?

The role of the supplement is just that – to supplement the levels of a nutrient already found in your body. Some supplements are more beneficial than others, and some are absorbed better than others. Today we’ll walk through what you need to know about supplements so that you can have an informed conversation with your doctor about whether or not they’re right for you.

Decode your medications

There is no doubt that prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications can come with tons of confusing directions, warnings, disclaimers, and information on the paperwork. So, we’re digging into what some of these often-confusing terms or sections of a label mean. Because we believe, the more you know about your medications, the more you can make sure they are working for you.

The science of pharmaceutical research

Medicine isn’t perfect. For every breakthrough that cures a disease (or makes it easier to live with one) there are many more treatments that only help a little. And there are many more that may have no effect or that may actually cause a particular person more harm than good. So, it’s important to approach any decision that affects your health, or the health of someone you love, with eyes wide open.

Why sticking with a med can be easier said than done, and may not be the right thing

To boost medication adherence, there are plenty of apps and products geared toward helping you remember to take your meds—from simple “days of the week” pill boxes to digital reminders, these prompts help those who struggle with medication schedules, especially if multiple meds are involved. But what if memory and organization aren’t the real issues for you? Although recalling medication instructions is an important part of adherence, that’s not the only reason people might feel challenged when sticking to a medication. Here are some other possibilities that you might experience...

Top medication questions to ask your health care provider

We have compiled a list of critical questions to ask next time you speak with your health care provider.

15 ways to boost your energy in 5 minutes or less

Don’t even have 10 minutes? Well good news, you don’t even need that to give your energy levels a little spike. Check out 15 ways to boost your energy in 5 minutes or less.

Want to be healthier? Be positive!

Ever wondered whether it’s better to see the glass as half empty or half full? There’s a growing body of research that has your answer…

Why your stress may have an upside

Just imagining a stressful event or situation may make your heart beat faster, your palms sweat and your mind kick into high-alert mode. But what if that stress response isn’t always bad? What if it can actually be beneficial? And what if there is actually a difference between a good stressor and bad stressor? Researchers are finding that there is more to the story than you might expect from all the bad press about stress.

Take a minute to “say yes” to your life

Maybe you’ve wondered about meditation. Or maybe you think there’s just no time for that. But if you can close your eyes for 60 seconds, you can try the transforming practice of “yes.”

7 ways to reframe your mindset

Next time anger, disappointment, fear, or anxiety threaten your mood, take a pause. Then, take a few minutes to try one of these research-based methods for retraining your mind to stress less.

It’s winter: don’t hibernate, explore!

Between busy holiday nights and cold wintry days, it can be challenging to find time for healthy habits. This guest post by Emily, a MOBE Guide, invites us to explore the possibilities of winter in several new ways.

How understanding your appetite will help you control it

Your appetite is really complex, and triggered or suppressed by many factors. Let’s dive into what exactly controls your appetite and what control you have in either suppressing it, stimulating it, or changing your cravings. The more you learn about how it all works, the more you can make your appetite work for you, and not the other way around.

Boost your mood. Even out your energy. Eat with resiliency.

Boost your mood. Even out your energy. Eat with resiliency. Learn which 10 foods will have a big boosting effect on your mood.

For better sleep, plan your day right.

Nothing feels better than waking up refreshed and renewed. And it’s no wonder: There’s a lot of rest and repair going on while your mind and body downshift into sleep

Is there such a thing as a power nap?

Sometimes, you need the pick-me-up that only a nap can offer. But how do you nap so you don’t wake up disoriented or ready for more sleep? Sleep experts have studied napping and have answers to the “where’s, what’s, and how’s” of effective napping. Learn how to enjoy the benefits of a short snooze without affecting your night-time rest.

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